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needing help for speaker electroacoustic desing or kit? looking for single ended A-class pre&amplifier? Contact us on the website to find all you need.

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Hi-End Loudpeakers Projects

Take a look on our DIY speaker projects for state of the art hi-fi.

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High End Pre & Amplifiers Kits

100% designed, tested and working products or bare PCBs for audio. Please find any descriptions and technical documents on our projects.

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Audio Design and Projects Assistant

If you are looking for cross-over design, wood cabinets or Audiomatica Clio© measurements.

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Achieving Ultimate Fidelity with Advanced Motion Control—An Engineer’s Perspective

AVDesignHaus’ Dereneville Modulaire MK III is considered the best turntable in the world. Find out how its advanced motion control system works. read full article on Electronic Design Read More
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Analog Device AN-940 Application Note

Low Noise Amplifier Selection Guide for Optimal Noise Performance, by Paul Lee

When evaluating an amplifier’s performance for a low noise
application, both internal and external noise sources must be
considered. This application note briefly discusses the funda-
mentals of both internal and external […]

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